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Your dutch proxies do work on npo.nl but since 6.3. the asked for shows are not "available"

Strange! your dutch proxies lead me to the asked for program,; special Homeland, but since the 6.3. the npo.nl tells me the asked for show is not available although it says on the site it will be available until the next week.

i tried several proxies. the reaction stays the same. what are the dutch at npo.nl doing? what can i do?

for instance to vieuw the graham norton show?

 i would love to hear from you.

asked in General Questions by rob van leeuwen

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1 Answer

We have no Dutch proxies. So I can assume that you try to use some IPs from public proxy list for bepassing restrictions applied on remote site. But free (public) proxies are wellknown and, consequently can be blocked anywhere especially on media sites.
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