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How often?

asked in Paid Proxy List by Rastislav
I used your service and I was satisfied and I am planning to use it again. But if I may ask. How often your proxies change.
For example I send API requests and get back 3000 proxies. Hour later I will do the same thing and most of the proxies will be the same or .. ? How long does it takes to the moment when most of proxies changed?

Best regards Rastislav

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2 Answers

answered by
The list is being updated permanently, on-fly.
answered by anonymous
Скажите пожалуйста а когда обнавляются прокси, эти прокси у меня
были весь август а сейчас сентябрь
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As it said above the list is being updated permanently, on-fly.

Как написано выше список прокси постоянно обновляется (на лету).
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