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proxy authentication

asked in Premium Proxy Service by anonymous

Will the proxy need any kind of authentication that you provide for using it. And do I get the option to choose the port because I am on a shared hosting and most of the ports are blocked. Lastly How much is the connection speed and will my proxy be replaced if it goes down

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May I know what tariff are you meaning?
answered by anonymous
You mean the monthly plan I might buy the France proxy or the USA proxy
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OK. Our IPs do not 'go down' as they are stability and reliable. I can assume that you're meaning that remote server (to which you connect with our IP) can block that IP by some reasons and it cused by your activity.

In this case it is completely your problem and... moreover that problem is ours too. That's why we do not like an idea if any of our IPs are being blocked somewhere due to violating any rules by our user and so we prefer not to deal with such users whom activity brings such bad things for us.

answered by anonymous
What about authentication??
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All our proxies require username and password authentication.
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