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Hi! Any plans for Annual (yearly) subscriptions?

asked in General Questions by Jim S. Smith
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I was seriously thinking of starting up an anonymizing-proxy service myself.

I am very well aware that it is not wise nor effective (actually, can be a serious vulnerability) to allow a proxy server to run through another already-proxied connection. Usually, it is a "one or the other" option that works best.


I am looking for a means to filter out already-proxied connections to my proxy-service-to-be, as a matter of security. I can work very well with APIs and "file-getting" (as in, retrieving text CSV, or similarly formatted text files via PHP's "file_get_contents").


I was looking for more of a long-term solution in being able to obtain updated proxy-lists or even just the simple checking of IP-addresses by use of your provided API(s).

So, I was asking if your service had any plans for offering yearly subscriptions at a competitive rate (or in your parlance: "tariff")?


I have been working on some improvements to a previously-released open-source proxy program (as you may already guessed, written in the beautiful language of PHP). So, this is what I will most-likely use for the proxy engine, being that several of the commercially-distributed proxy programs have not proven to be very good ( and for the prices they charge for licensing at that! ).

So any interest in my work as well as an answer to my original question would be greatly appreciated. - I fully support the idea of internet-privacy for everyone. Therefore, I fully advocate and support, in general, any service that faithfully supports and upholds the rights to privacy of the internet community!

- Thank you for the great service you provide, and hopefully - You will be able to count me as a future client as well! :-)

- Jim

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You can buy 3 month of the service with 15% discount
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