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A couple words about Paid Proxy List

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First of all, let's clarify what Paid Proxy List (PPL) is.

Our Paid Proxy List is an extended version of our Free Proxy List.

OK, but you can ask: "Why would I want to pay for something I can get for free?"

The answer is that you pay for the advantages.

Here are the basic key options which are offered only in paid version of our proxy list:

  1. Quantity. The quantity of proxies in PPL is greater in 2-4 times than in Free version.
  2. Age and freshness. Free Proxy List does not contain proxies which younger than 24 hours. Thus free list does not contain fresh IPs.
  3. Free proxy list is split into 30 small pages. Paid list goes in a single page
  4. You can use API links to get\download Paid Proxy List directly without opening the web-interface.

Are the options above not necessary for you? In this case no reasons to pay.smiley

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Our Paid Proxy List site:

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