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IP address Anonymity Checked Country City ISP Sep-15, 22:45UgandaKampala Uganda Telecom Sep-16, 16:16MaltaTa' Xbiex Melita plc Sep-16, 07:21AustriaVienna Tele2 Telecommu... Sep-16, 04:30IsraelTalmei Menashe Bezeq Internati... Sep-16, 13:13Switzerland Datawire Ag Sep-16, 19:28Switzerland Quickline Sep-16, 13:47Algeria Algerian Academ... Sep-16, 07:43Sri LankaPiliyandala Sri Lanka Telecom Sep-15, 22:16LatviaVentspils SIA Lattelecom Sep-16, 04:15Kazakhstan JSC Kazakhtelecom Sep-16, 20:17Kazakhstan JSC Kazakhtelecom Sep-16, 04:27Lesotho Comnet Pty Ltd Sep-16, 01:52JordanAmman Vtel Holdings L... Sep-16, 04:02JapanTokyo NTTPC Communica... Sep-16, 04:03JapanTokyo NTTPC Communica... Sep-15, 22:20JamaicaKingston Cable and Wirel... Sep-16, 01:22Serbia TELEKOM SRBIJA ... Sep-16, 13:30SerbiaBelgrade Radijus Vektor Doo Sep-16, 10:42Sierra Leone MICG Sep-16, 19:03Sierra Leone MICG Sep-16, 07:17Israel Triple C Cloud ... Sep-16, 20:15Kenya Avanti-uk-as Sep-16, 13:50Kenya Jamii Telecommu... Sep-16, 01:23LatviaRiga SIA Baltcom Sep-16, 04:21LatviaJurmala SIA Lattelecom Sep-16, 18:02KyrgyzstanBishkek Mega-Line Ltd. Sep-16, 01:23Kyrgyzstan AKNET Sep-16, 04:40RwandaKigali Axiom Networks Sep-16, 04:19Kuwait Qualitynet Sep-16, 13:35KuwaitKuwait Qualitynet Sep-16, 13:10Lesotho Comnet Pty Ltd Sep-16, 04:53KuwaitShuwaikh Qualitynet Sep-16, 07:29SamoaApia Digicel Samoa Sep-15, 22:02Lesotho Comnet Pty Ltd Sep-16, 16:25Korea, Republic ofSeoul BORANET Sep-16, 04:32Kenya Kenyan Post & T... Sep-16, 07:14Korea, Republic of Korea Telecom Sep-16, 19:40Singapore Alibaba Sep-16, 16:16South AfricaJohannesburg Siemens Busines... Sep-16, 04:10Hong KongCentral District PCCW IMS Limited Sep-16, 01:49Guinea Telkom Internet Sep-16, 07:01HondurasSan Pedro Sula Multicable De H... Sep-16, 04:29HondurasComayagüela Cablecolor S.A. Sep-16, 10:17HondurasSan Pedro Sula Multicable De H... Sep-16, 04:50South AfricaMidrand Jenny-internet Sep-16, 13:41Guinea Sep-15, 22:45Guinea Sep-16, 19:10South Africa Sep-16, 16:29GuatemalaQuetzaltenango Telgua Sep-16, 16:33Greece Prokopiou A. To... Sep-16, 13:14GreeceMýkonos OTEnet S.A. Sep-16, 11:04New Zealand TOWER Limited Sep-16, 15:52Hong KongYuen Long Hutchison Globa...
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What is Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a machine that sits between the proxy users and the servers that they need access to. When a proxy user requests a certain remote resource using a URL, the proxy server receives this request and fetches the resource to fulfill the client’s request. This process enables the proxy server to store the requested content in a cache. Any new request that asks for information already in the cache no longer needs to be serviced by fetching it from the remote server. Instead, the new request is serviced from the cached data. In typical proxy scenarios, the purpose of a proxy server is to fetch the requested resource from the remote server, return it to the requesting user, and cache it in local drives.

There are some types (levels) of proxy server anonymity. Anonymous proxy, high-anonymous (elite) and transparent proxy.

Anonymous Proxy shows that it's proxy. In short, a remote host can detect Anonymous Proxy as proxy, but without any information about an IP of the one who sits behind this proxy. High-Anonymous (Elite) Proxy doesn't show that it's proxy at all. Transparent Proxy changes an IP, but at the same time shows the user's real IP.