• Countries: HTTP proxies from 114 countries, SOCKS from 104 countries.
  • IP adresses: 3705 proxies and 2239 SOCKS (Total 5944 as of 2023-06-08 22:19)
  • Paid Proxy List

    Fully-functional Public Proxy List with advanced API Links.

    Why to pay for proxy list?

    paid proxy list

    Our Paid Proxy List (PPL) is an advanced version of our Free Proxy List. This begs the question: "Why would you want to pay for something you can get for free?".The answer is simple - you pay for features.

    The following features are being provided only in paid version of our proxy list:

    • Bigness. Our PPL contains thousands of HTTP and SOCKS proxies. The quantity of proxies in PPL is greater in times than in Free version (see statistics below).
    • Age and freshness. For very small money you get the full access to our proxybase which is being updated 'on-the-fly'. Thus in our Paid Proxy List you can see the freshest proxies.
      As for the Free Proxy List, it is just a simple set of static HTML pages being generated a couple times in a day, and thus free list can not contain fresh IPs.
    • API links. Beside web-interface you can use API links for any request to our proxy database. Using advanced and flexible API links allows you to get\download Paid Proxy List directly without opening the web-interface. You can build a separate API Link for any request to our proxy base. You can build and use as many regular API Links as it needed.
    • Countries: HTTP proxies from 114 countries, SOCKS from 104 countries.
    • IP adresses: 3705 proxies and 2239 SOCKS (Total 5944 as of 2023-06-08 22:19)


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    $12.5 for 91 days
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    • Discount: 15% - save $2.2
    • You do not need to pre-register an account on our website to order Paid Proxy List. Your Proxy List Member Zone account is created automatically after paying for any of tariffs you see above. The username and password are sent to the email address you provide in our payment form when ordering.
    • All purchases are one time payments. We do not use subscriptions. No auto-charges, no charges without your permission.
    • If your account time is expired you may forget about us or, if you still interested in our services, may make a new order here at any time.

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    Orders are processed in automatic mode as soon as we receive your payment. Once the proxy order has been placed, you should expect to receive a welcome email with your proxy account details in 15-20 minutes.

    Due to the nature of our services, "try and buy" is perhaps not a good business idea for us. That's why we do not offer a free trial.

    For some reasons we do not offer subscription plans with recurring auto payments. We prefer to use "one-time payments" model.

    We sell proxy lists according to the principle 'more months, more discount'. At present time you can pay for up to 3 month at a time.

    And what do you think about that? Your feedback is very appreciated

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